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Sea Wing Disaster

Title: Map of the Wreck Site
Type: Map
Date: 1890
Source: St. Paul Pioneer Press

Description: This map shows the journey of the Sea Wing before its sinking and the location of the wreck.

Map of the Wreck Site


  1. This map shows us the route of the Sea Wing and where it was destroyed. Why do you think that if it capsized at letter B, it was not grounded until letter D?

  2. Since Lake City was closest to the barge when it finally was grounded, what do you think the survivors on the barge did when it landed?

  3. Why do you think that almost all of the passengers on the barge lived, while many on the steamer did not?

  4. Since the only living witnesses of the actual disaster seem to be the survivors on the steamer, how can we know if this map of the event is accurate?