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Sea Wing Disaster

Title: Images of the Sea Wing Wreckage
Type: Photograph
Date: 1890
Source: Goodhue County Historical Society

Description: This photograph was taken of rescuers and recovery workers going through the Sea Wing wreckage. The drawing on page 2 was made from the photograph and published in the local newspaper.

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Images of the Sea Wing Wreckage

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  1. From these two pictures, what can we learn about what was recovered from the wreck of the Sea Wing?

  2. Why do you think a newspaper would publish a pen drawing of the wreck instead of the photograph?

  3. If you look closely at the photograph, on the right side of the picture is a man whose image is very blurry. Why would that be?

  4. The photograph and drawing show the Sea Wing tilted to the side in the water instead of being completely submerged. How might this fact help those trying to recover belongings or bodies from the wreckage?