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The Strike of 1916

Title: Information on a Strikers' Demonstration
Type: Newspaper
Date: June 23, 1916
Source: The Duluth News

Description: This article describes a protest parade that the strikers held.


Parade is Orderly.

HIBBING, Minn. June 22.—As a demonstration of strength and to swell their ranks further, together with eliciting Asking for. sympathy from citizens nearly 1,500 striking miners paraded the streets in the business section of the city this morning. The demonstration was conducted in a quiet and peaceable manner, the miners walking four abreast on one side of the streets, no noise issuing from their ranks except the steady tread of their heavy shoes on the pavement.

Following the disturbance of yesterday afternoon when a near riot was caused by a railroad detective attempting to seize a red banner carried in the parade, a guarantee of police protection was granted the strike leaders by Mayor V.L. Power Hibbing's mayor, who supported the miners. and use of the streets for their demonstration.

The miners began to gather at Workers hall at 9 o'clock in the morning and patiently awaited the arrival of the IWW Industrial Workers of the World, a labor union. organizers. When the Mesaba electric car, arriving here at 10 failed to bring the leaders from Virginia, where they were detained because of a clash between miners and deputies, the meeting was called to order and local members of the organization addressed the audience which filled the hall to overflowing. George E. Andreytchine, secretary of the Mesaba branch, I. W.W., beseeched Begged. the miners not to create any disturbance when on strike.

To Shame Mine Companies.

"We don't want to fight the flag, we don't want to fight anybody," he said, "what we want is more pork chops. We will march and have a big, beautiful parade. Be peaceful, brothers, do not make much noise. Let the mining companies be the ones to incite disorder. Cause violence. We will put them to shame."

A letter from the Baker's union of Duluth was read asking that it be aided in their fight against employers there who refused to hire union men. The letter was addressed to "Hibbing Miners and Fellow Workingmen" and follows in part: "We ask your assistance in our present struggle.

"We are on strike, borthers; do you duty as union men. Fraternally yours, John Stranch, president Bakers' union No. 59, Duluth, Minn."