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The Strike of 1916

Strikers' Demands
Title: Strikers' Demands
Type: Newspaper
Date: June 28, 1916
Source: Hibbing Daily Tribune

Description: This article lists what it was that the workers were hoping to get by walking out of their jobs.
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Miners Denied Charity
Title: Miners Denied Charity
Type: Newspaper
Date: June 24, 1916
Source: The Duluth News

Description: Workers weren't paid while on strike. This article discusses an issue that involved charity for miners.
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Information on a Strikers' Demonstration
Title: Information on a Strikers' Demonstration
Type: Newspaper
Date: June 23, 1916
Source: The Duluth News

Description: This article describes a protest parade that the strikers held.
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Crossing the Picket Line
Title: Crossing the Picket Line
Type: Newspaper
Date: June 30, 1916
Source: Duluth News Tribune

Description: This article describes how some strikers treated workers who chose to keep working.
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Union Song Book
Title: Union Song Book
Type: Book
Date: 1914
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: This is a book of songs that the union used to express the point of view of the workers and the union.
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