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flow sheet of the milling process
Title: Flow Sheet of the Milling Process
Type: Diagram
Date: 1922
Source: The Story of Flour

Description: A flow sheet for the Pillsbury "A" Mill showing the equipment used to mill grain into flour.
Roller Mills Being Operated
Title: Roller Mills Being Operated
Type: Photograph
Date: no date
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: This photograph shows the interior of the first Washburn "A" Mill and the roller mills that were used for grinding flour.
Man Packing Flour
Title: Man Packing Flour
Type: Photograph
Date: ca. 1875
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: Barrels were used in the packaging of flour by the Washburn A Mill in Minneapolis.
Statistics of Injuries
Title: Statistics of Injuries
Type: Data
Date: 1912
Source: Bureau of Labor, Industries, and Commerce

Description: Milling was a dangerous occupation in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. These tables show the kinds of injuries workers encountered at their jobs.
Statistics of Injuries
Title: Table of Various Milling Jobs
Type: Data
Date: 1916
Source: National Society for the Promotion of Industrial Education

Description: This table describes the number of people who worked in different occupations in a flour mill.
want ads
Title: Want Ads
Type: Advertisement
Date: March 29, 1916
Source: The North Western Miller

Description: Since milling was a skilled-labor industry, it was important for mill owners to hire well-qualified and experienced workers and managers. Some workers looking for jobs advertised in milling magazines like the Weekly North Western Miller.
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