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Ard Godfrey

Title: Letter Describing His Work at the Sawmill
Type: Letter
Date: 1848
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: Ard Godfrey describes his work on the sawmills at the Falls of St. Anthony.
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Letter Describing His Work at the Sawmill


  1. What can this source tell us about Godfrey's work at the Falls?

  2. Why do you think Godfrey (whose family was in Maine at this time) might want to work so far from home?

  3. From this letter, we know little about Godfrey's official arrangements with Franklin Steele. What other kinds of sources might help us find out more about Godfrey's work for Steele?

  4. Looking at the close-up of the source, what might be the cause of the "backward writing" that makes this more difficult to read?