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Joseph Hancock

Title: Description of Red Wing
Type: Book
Date: 1893
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: Hancock wrote a book about the history of Goodhue County. This is his description of the village of Red Wing.
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Description of Red Wing


  1. In Hancock's first paragraph, he mentions that he doesn't need to describe the beauty of Red Wing to the readers. What does this tell us about the area?

  2. What resources might we use to find out more information about the other missionaries that Hancock mentions in this book?

  3. What does this section of the article not tell us about the missionaries involved?

  4. Hancock wrote this book in 1893, after he had been in Red Wing for more than 40 years. How do you think his long life in Red Wing might have made his book more factually reliable than if it had been written by someone who was just a visitor to the village?