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Joseph Hancock

Title: Joseph Hancock's Tombstone
Type: Object
Date: 1907
Source: Oakwood Cemetery, Red Wing

Description: Joseph Hancock is buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Red Wing near his wives and two children.
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Joseph Hancock's Tombstone


  1. What in this photograph might suggest to you that the tombstone is very old?

  2. What can we learn about Hancock from reading the inscription on his tombstone?

  3. The letters A.B.C.F.M. on the tombstone stand for the American Board of Commissioners of Foreign Missionaries. Why do you think they might have used the initials of the organization on the tombstone instead of the actual name? How can initials like these make our work as researchers more difficult?

  4. This tombstone stands in Oakwood Cemetery in Red Wing, Minnesota. What information might we learn from other tombstones around Hancock's if we visited the cemetery?