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James Lawther

Title: Obituary Notice
Type: Newspaper
Date: 1916
Source: Litchfield Independent

Description: This announcement of Lawther's death appeared in the Litchfield Independent in 1916.
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Obituary Notice


  1. Since Lawther lived in Ireland at the end of his life, what does the fact that his death notice was published in the Litchfield newspaper tell us about him?

  2. What contributions does this note mention that Lawther made to the local community?

  3. This notice was published in the Litchfield newspaper one week after Lawther's death in Ireland. How do you think the news was able to travel back to Minnesota that quickly in 1916?

  4. What might we be able to guess about the other people listed in the article? Why would a death notice for one person be likely to list the names of other people who are not related?