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Edmund Longyear

Title: Letter From a Potential Customer
Type: Letter
Date: July 1, 1901
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: Prospectors on the Mesaba Range often asked Longyear to do some drilling for them. This is one of those requests.
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Letter From a Potential Customer


  1. The return address on this letter states a street address in the city of Chicago. The address given for Longyear is simply "Hibbing, Minn." Why do you think this would be?

  2. Why might the authors of this letter not be able to do the drilling work themselves?

  3. Why would the author of this letter suggest that Longyear contact Mr. Olcott with questions about him?

  4. What is Longyear's response to the letter and request? Why might we guess that Longyear did not actually write a response to the author himself?