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Edmund Longyear

Title: Article on Diamond Drilling on the Mesabi
Type: Newspaper
Date: August 22, 1903
Source: Mesaba Ore

Description: This article appeared in a tenth anniversary edition of the Hibbing newspaper. It describes Longyear's work with diamond drills on the Mesabi Range and their impact.
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Article on Diamond Drilling on the Mesabi


  1. Why do you think it was important to Longyear's success that he had the first diamond drill in the area?

  2. Where might we go to look for more information about how a diamond drill worked?

  3. How might this article help us find the buildings where Longyear's offices were located?

  4. The article mentions that Longyear built an office "finished with plate glass and mahogany." What could that tell us about him and his success?