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Leonidas Merritt

Title: Pamphlet written about the Rockefeller Case
Type: Document
Date: 1897
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: A minister named Gates who worked for Rockefeller during the court case wrote this pamphlet against the Merritts.
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Pamphlet written about the Rockefeller Case

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  1. The two documents at the end of this book describe agreements made by the Merritts in order to end their court case. What does Appendix A tell us about the case?

  2. What does Rockefeller's lawyer require the Merritts to do in order to settle?

  3. Appendix B is said to be the actual agreement between Rockefeller's company and the Merritts. What agreement is made in this document?

  4. If Leonidas Merritt brought the first case against Rockefeller, why do you think his entire family (brothers, sisters-in-law, etc.) had to sign the agreement?