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John Pillsbury

Title: Advertisement for Pillsbury's Hardware Store
Type: Advertisement
Date: 1871
Source: Minneapolis and St. Anthony City Directory

Description: This advertisement promoting Pillsbury's hardware store appeared in the city directory.
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Advertisement for Pillsbury's Hardware Store


  1. What in this advertisement could suggest to you that Pillsbury was not the only owner of this hardware store?

  2. Advertisments are purchased according to the number of words printed or the size of the advertisement. Knowing what you do about Saint Anthony at this time, why do you think Pillsbury would have made an effort to mention the "Mill Furnishing Goods" in his advertisment?

  3. Most hardware stores we know today sell building tools. Why might there not be any tools mentioned in this advertisement?

  4. Because there is no phone number listed on this ad, can you conclude that the phone hadn't been invented yet?