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John Pillsbury

Title: Resolution From the University
Type: Document
Date: no date
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: In recognition of Pillsbury's years of service to the University of Minnesota, the alumni passed this resolution thanking him for his work.



At the close of the address the following resolutions, Statements of opinion. offered by Judge Stephen Mahoney and seconded by Prof. W. W. Folwell and Mrs. Byron Timerbelake, were unanimously adopted:

The alumni of the University of Minnesota, recognizing

That the Hon. John S. Pillsbury has been a member of the board of regents of that institution continuously for the past thirty years, and during all that period has given a large part of his time and has devoted his untiring energies and valuable business experience to the upbuilding of the University:

That he has given not only his time, energies, and experience to the University without pecuniary Related to money. reward, but has also made a very large donation of his private property, and has erected on the campus a most substantial, elegant and valuable building:

That the University has grown and prospered beyond all expectations, during this period, under the fostering care of Gov. Pillsbury and the gentlemen associated with him: That to him , more than to any other single individual, the state is indebted for the fact that the University has not been dismembered Broken apart. and divided up into separate institutions, but has been held together in one institution and built up symmetrically upon a firm foundation:

And further: That we, the alumni Graduates. of the said University, have thereby been provided with most excellent instruction in all the arts and sciences, and have enjoyed the inestimable blessing of a liberal education; therefore be it

Resolved, That Gov. John S. Pillsbury is entitled to our most sincere thanks and our most profound gratitude, which we hereby tender to him, Give. and we express the earnest wish and hope that he may long remain with us, to guide the future destinies of our Alma Mater A person's school. and lead her on to a position still higher—to a position unsurpassed by any of the great institutions of the land:

And be it further resolved: That in his efforts to do so, he will at all times and under all circumstances have our most cordial co-operation, wherever we may be and whatever may be our condition in life.