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Victor Power

Title: Page From Power's Journal
Type: Diary
Date: February 21, 1922
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: Power kept many journals containing newspaper clippings, weather information, and professional notes.


V.P. came to office 9:15 A.M.
Hibbing Tribune

EW Cooos and V.L. Power
Bob from Labouron Iron Mining Co
Lots 10 nd 11 Blk 11 Central addition to Hibbing
Purchase Price 3500 00
Payment on Contract 500 00
Balance unpaid 3000 00
Payment 100.00 Per Month
6% on Deferred payments

To erect Bldg to cost $30,000.00

at same time bot Congdon Sch in Old Town for 3000 000 to wreck.

Snow Fell all day - Continued thru out Nite with East wind.

[Newspaper clipping]


Duluth, Feb. 21—The answer of the State of Minnesota to the suit of the Oliver Iron Mining company and thirty independent coporations to test the constitutionality of the state occupational tax was filed today in federal court here.

The answer insists that the occupational tax, which levies a six per cent assessment on all iron ore mined in the state, is neither a property nor income tax, as the companies contend, but is solely a tax on the occupation of iron mining.

Neither the federal nor the state constitutions are violated by the tax, the state insists.

Hearings in April

Counsel for more than twenty of the mining companies involved in the suit said today the hearing of the interlocutory injunction which the companies seek will probably not be held before April. Three federal judges will hear the case at St. Paul.

[Newspaper clipping]


Discussion of the details of the Hibbing bond issue which has been under way here and in Duluth for several days has been practically concluded. It is understood that all objections have been overcome and that the cash for the issue will be forthcoming as soon as the bonds have been properly advertised which will take until March 8.