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Eva McDonald Valesh

Title: Valesh Describes Her Work
Type: Diary
Date: no date
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: Eva Valesh wrote reminsicences of her work as a labor activist. In this section, she describes how she entered factories disguised as a worker and then wrote about the poor working conditions in the newspaper.
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Valesh Describes Her Work


  1. Why would Valesh have to go undercover to get her stories?

  2. How did she disguise herself so that mill owners would not recognize her at the factories?

  3. How do you think factory owners felt about Valesh's stories when they were printed in the newspaper? Why do you think the owners would feel this way?

  4. Eva Valesh also went to many of the homes of the factory workers and stayed with them to see how they lived. How might this extra research on her part have enhanced the articles she wrote?