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Gratia Countryman

Photograph of Gratia Countryman
Title: Photograph of Gratia Countryman
Type: Photograph
Date: 1923
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: As head librarian for the Minneapolis Public Library, Countryman (1866-1953) worked to bring reading and literacy to the area by using a mobile library system and establishing reading rooms in buildings close to where people lived and worked.
Story of One Woman's Library Experience
Title: Story of One Woman's Library Experience
Type: Newspaper
Date: February 1923
Source: Community Bookshelf

Description: This story demonstrates some of the problems experienced by local citizens when they tried to obtain books for their families.
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Bookmobile Article
Title: Bookmobile Article
Type: Newspaper
Date: May 12, 1922
Source: Minneapolis Journal

Description: One of Ms. Countryman's solutions to the problem of limited library access was to create a "bookmobile" to bring library books to the homes and workplaces of local citizens.
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Obituary Notice
Title: Obituary Notice
Type: Newspaper
Date: July 27, 1953
Source: Minneapolis Morning Tribune

Description: Obituary for Gratia Countryman printed in the Minneapolis Morning Tribune on July 27, 1953.
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Photograph of a Library Reading Room
Title: Photograph of a Library Reading Room
Type: Photograph
Date: before 1912
Source: Minneapolis Public Library

Description: This photograph shows a reading room in the former Minneapolis City Hall. Countryman organized these reading rooms to encourage reading among the working classes by providing a location and books.
Graph of Book Distribution
Title: Graph of Book Distribution
Type: Data
Date: 1977
Source: Robert Gordon Freestone

Description: Graph showing the increase in library book distribution during Countryman's work at the library. Taken from The Spatial Evolution of the Minneapolis Public Library.