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Steamboat Capitol passing under bridge, Red Wing. Location no. HE5.11C p28
Steamboat Capitol passing under bridge, Red Wing, ca. 1925

The Iron Range
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Formation of a Rich natural Resource
The Mesabi Iron range formed slowly over a period of millions of years. A variety of special geologic events combined to make it an ideal place for the formation of iron ore, hidden in the giant hills of the Mesabi Range.

Red Wing
The River
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Source of Industry and Transportation
Red Wing was founded on the banks of the Mississippi River, which has given the community many industrial, shipping and tourist opportunities. The scenic landscape provided travelers a spot to rest along their river journey and gave businessmen a convenient river port for shipping their products.

St. Anthony
The Falls
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The Falls that Built a City
The Falls of St. Anthony, the only true falls on the Mississippi River, is where Minneapolis began. Drawing on the enormous power of cascading water, sawmills and flourmills created the greatest industrial center of the Upper Midwest. From 1870 to 1930 these mills produced more flour than any other place in the world.