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John S. Pillsbury, 1887. Location no. AV1996.9.9
John S. Pillsbury, 1887
John Antrobus (1837-1907)

Leonidas Merritt
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Prospector and Mine Owner
LeonidasMerritt, often called Lon, led his seven brothers in forming a mining company after they discovered that the soft, red earth on the Mesabi Range was a rich source of iron ore. Hard times in the 1890s forced them to turn to outside investors.They lost control of their company to John D. Rockefeller, who they claimed had cheated them.
Victor Power
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Mayor of the "Richest Village in the World"
Victor L. Power was elected mayor of Hibbing ten times (1913-1923.) A strong defender of labor, Power forced mining companies to pay taxes that he used to make Hibbing a better place to live.
Edmund Longyear
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A Better Drill
Edmund Longyear arrived on the Iron Range in 1890, along with the first prospectors. He was best known as a pioneer drill operator and built a successful business providing drilling services for other miners.

Red Wing
Joseph Hancock
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A Man of Firsts
s the first permanent white settler in Red Wing, the town's first postmaster, and a teacher of the mission school in the area, Hancock had a large impact on the founding and development of Red Wing. He lived in the area for many years and was known for his positive relationships with the American Indians, and his efforts to improve the quality of life for Red Wing residents.
Lucius Hubbard
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Editor, Soldier, Politician
A man of many talents, Lucius Hubbard bought and edited the Red Wing Republican, fought with honor in the Civil War, and eventually became Governor of Minnesota.
Julia Nelson
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Activist and Community Leader
As a strong supporter and speaker for equal suffrage, women's rights, and the temperance movement, Julia B. Nelson worked to improve the lives those around her. She was also dedicated to other humanitarian causes, as her work as a teacher for the freed slaves demonstrated.
James Lawther
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The Business of Building a Town
James Lawther, an Irish immigrant who became a prominent Red Wing business leader, was elected town mayor, operated numerous financial interests in the town, and contributed entire city blocks of buildings and businesses to his community.

St. Anthony
Ard Godfrey
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Early Minnesota Settler
Ard Godfrey came to Minnesota from Maine in 1848 when he was hired to oversee the building of the first sawmill at the Falls of St. Anthony. The house he built in 1849 is the oldest frame house still standing in the Twin Cities.
Eva McDonald Valesh
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Breaking the Mold of Women's Roles
Hired by the St. Paul Globe to investigate the lives of working women, Eva McDonald Valesh posed as a job seeker, using the name Eva Gay, in various trades in 1888. The resulting series of articles launched her career as a reporter, labor organizer and public speaker.
Gratia Countryman
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Bringing the Books to the People
Gratia Countryman was the chief librarian for the Minneapolis Public Library from 1904 until 1936. She greatly enhanced access to the library's books by establishing branch libraries and reading rooms and creating a mobile library system.
John Pillsbury
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Using His Power for Good
John S. Pillsbury, who moved to St. Anthony from New Hampshire in 1855, was a successful businessman and a member of the family that founded C. A. Pillsbury and Company. As a Republican politician, he served as state senator and governor (1876-1882). A very wealthy and generous man, he supported the University of Minnesota and other civic and cultural institutions.