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Tours - Hibbing

Now Then
Howard Street view of Howard Street, now
Howard street is lined with many kinds of businesses. The green sign on the right belongs to a pharmacy.
view of Howard Street, then
In 1937, Howard street was lined with different stores, although the building to the right held a pharmacy then too.
The Androy view of the Androy, now
This building is The Androy, an apartment complex that provides homes for people 55 years of age and older.
view of the Androy, then
Before becoming an apartment building it was the Hotel Androy, shown here in a photograph from 1920.
Hibbing Memorial Building view of the Hibbing Memorial Building, now
The Hibbing Memorial is a community center that houses an ice rink as well as the Hibbing Historical Society.
view of the Hibbing Memorial Building, then
The Memorial Building held an ice rink, as well as a boxing ring and a lounge where community members could gather.
Presbyterian Church view of Presbyterian Church, now
This is a photograph of the building located at 2201 Second Avenue East. It is a Presbyterian church.
view of Presbyterian Church, then
This 1935 photograph shows the church in the same location, looking nearly the same as it does today.
Mesaba Transportation Company view of Mesaba Transportation Company, now
This building on the 1900 block of 4th Avenue is currently the home of several businesses.
view of Mesaba Transportation Company, then
In 1920, the Mesaba Transportation Company was the areas first bus service, which later would become part of Greyhound.