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Tours - Red Wing

Now Then
Main Street view of Main Street, now
Main Street in Red Wing is still lined with shops and businesses, all in the "shadow" of Barn Bluff in the background.
view of Main Street, then
In this 1870 photograph you can see that even Barn Bluff has been changed, though the buildings are much the same.
Barn Bluff view of Barn Bluff, now
The large hill in the photograph's center is Barn Bluff, a feature that has been somewhat changed over time by excavation.
view of Barn Bluff, then
Barn Bluff has been used as a landmark to identify Red Wing as far back as when the voyageurs travelled the river.
St. James Hotel view of the St. James Hotel, now
The St. James Hotel along with its restaurants and shops is still in operation today over a hundred years later.
view of the St. James Hotel, then
The St. James Hotel was built by the Red Wing Hotel Corporation in 1875 to give Red Wing a first class hotel.
Red Wing Street Scene view of a Red Wing street scene, now
The city of Red Wing has many examples of things changing as well as staying the same. This street is lined with stores.
view of a Red Wing street scene, then
This photograph taken in 1900 shows that the buildings have changed very little, although the streets are now paved.
The Riverfront view of The Riverfront, now
Businesses like these mills grew up along the water's edge in Red Wing. The river is still used as a means of transportation.
view of The Riverfront, then
In this 1915 photograph we can see an earlier version of the bridge that spans the river, and some undeveloped shoreline.