The business of dressmaking.

Cullen and Johnson 1891-1907

Cullen & Johnson 1891-1895

B. Johnson 1896-1897

Misses Cullen 1896-1907

B. Johnson Lowry Building, 358 St. Peter, St. Paul.

This business operated under several names with a variety of partners. After working for several dressmaking establishments in St. Paul for about 10 years dressmakers Bertha M. Johnson and Annie H. Cullen set up a joint business as Cullen & Johnson in the Lowry Building at 357 Wabasha, St. Paul from 1891 to 1895. Bertha Johnson continued on her own for another two years. In addition, Annie Cullen's sisters, Margaret and Nellie, established their own business as the Misses Cullen from 1896 to 1907. By 1912 Margaret and Nellie no longer operated their own business but were store clerks at St. Paul department stores, a common career path as women's work opportunities expanded.