The business of dressmaking.

Edith Hand

Edith Hand, daughter of Dr. Daniel Whildin Hand.

Alice Monfort Dunn described Edith Hand's reception dress made by dressmaker, Mrs. Worley: "Years ago, the same as now, girls made their debuts. My aunt gave a reception for Edith Hand and myself in her apartment, at the Windsor Hotel. Edith, the daughter of pioneer physician Dr. Daniel W. Hand, was elegant in a white chiffon dress made by the celebrated Mrs. Mary G. Worley, an expensive and fashionable dresmaker at Mannheimers." Edith Hand is pictured at left in this dress.

Alice Monfort.

Alice described her dress for the reception: "My dress was a simple white mull over white silk which had not been made by Mrs. Worley. It had a train, however, held up over my arm by a satin ribbon. This train was the only thing that kept me from being green with envy." Alice is pictured at right in this dress.

Windsor Hotel, Fifth and St. Peter, St. Paul.

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