The business of dressmaking.

Mabel Shaw

Mabel Shaw Langdon (Mrs. Cavour S.) in her wedding dress. Married December 27, 1893. Mabel Shaw [ Mrs. Cavour Langdon] is photographed in her wedding gown. They were married December 27, 1893. Bessie Douglas wrote: "At seven o'clock Wednesday evening a carriage was sent to take me to the Shaw's house where the wedding party met to go to the church together. We formed quite a cavalcade. Mme. Boyd went in the carriage with Mabel to look after her dress and veil..." Previously Bessie had written: "Oh, I forgot to tell you about Mabel's trousseau - well, I can’t do it anyway. It appals (sic) me to think of trying. She has I don't know how many sets, nightgowns, drawers, chemises, all inset with real laces and hand embroidery. Her bridal set is trimmed with real Duchess lace, diamond shaped insets and wide edging around the neck, the short sleeves and down the front. And there are petticoats galore, lace and embroidery trimmed, and negligees, and dressing sacks - everything for every possible occasion. Her dresses are beautiful - I simply can't start on them..."

This account is from: Call back yesterday by Bessie P. Douglas, p. 281.

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