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Lucia Peavey

 Lucia Louise Peavey Heffelfinger (Mrs. Frank Totten Heffelfinger).

Lucia Peavey's wedding on October 31, 1895 to Frank Heffelfinger. One of her bridesmaids, Bessie Pettit Douglas wrote: "The wedding gown is made of the most beautiful satin I ever saw. Mme. Boyd says it is the finest ever brought to this country for anybody. The skirt is plain with a long train, the bodice entirely draped with exquisite Rose Point lace. The veil was woven to match the lace on the dress and has a wide border of Rose Point and the name 'Lucia' woven into one corner of the pattern."

Bessie was one of twelve bridesmaids. "Our bridesmaids gowns had to be made at Boyd's and, though the price is remarkably reasonable for Boyd, it is enough, taken in conjunction with a wedding present, to mean no other new gowns for me."

"Tuesday and Thursday mornings were spent at Mme. Boyd's with other of Lucia's bridesmaids to have fittings. We took possession of one of the rooms and if the women in the reception room could overhear our conversation they must have been highly entertained... We all had to fly home from our fittings (which only three of us got)... The bridsmaids wore thin white dotted mousseline de soie made over white satin and trimmed with narrow bands of mink fur."

This account is from: Call back yesterday by Bessie P. Douglas p. 316.

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