Minnesota Immigrant Oral Histories

Hmong Oral History Project


DATE: 1991 – 1993

INTERVIEWERS: Charles Numrich and Linda Rossi

The Hmong Oral History Project consists of nine interviews with Hmong men and women from the Twin Cities metropolitan area who have immigrated to Minnesota from Laos or Thailand. The interviews are made up of personal stories that describe their experiences both before and after their immigration.

Nearly each interview concludes with a statement made by the narrator, a statement of hope or a piece of advice for future generations of Hmong people.

COMMENTS: These interviews are the work of Charles Numrich, Linda Rossi and translator May Herr. The interviews, transcription and editing were completed by this team of people. Tapes and transcripts from this project were donated to the Minnesota Historical Society.

LENGTH OF INTERVIEWS: 8 hours 50 minutes