Minnesota Immigrant Oral Histories

India Association of Minnesota Oral History Project (Phase 4 / IAM History)

IAM Oral History Project phase 4 participants


DATE: 2003 – 2005

INTERVIEWER: Polly Sonifer

The India Association of Minnesota [IAM], formerly known as the India Club, was formed in 1973. It seeks to build a sense of community amongst those of Asian Indian origin while serving as a focal point for advancing cultural, educational, and charitable interests. Some of the subjects discussed by the interviewees include moving to Minnesota and becoming acquainted with members of the Indian community; education; marriage; finding jobs; involvement in the Festival of Nations; the role of politics; participation in the School of India for Languages and Culture [SILC]; India Day activities; involvement in the Minnesota Asian Indian Democratic Association [MAIDA] and the Asian Indian Women’s Association [AIWA]; the organizational structure of IAM, including the Trustee Advisory Committee and the Nomination Committee; the fiftieth anniversary celebration of the independence of India; current challenges faced by IAM; membership and future of the organization; second-generation Indian-Americans; identity and gender issues; service projects and fundraisers; discrimination; and future challenges for IAM.

LENGTH OF INTERVIEWS: 14 hours 36 minutes

TRANSCRIPTS: 263 pages