Minnesota Immigrant Oral Histories

Somali Skyline Tower Oral History Project

Somali Skyline Tower Project team


DATE: 2004INTERVIEWERS: Andy Wilhide, Hodan Abdibudul, Sumaya Yusuf, and Bibi Abdalla

The interviews in this collection come from the Somali Skyline Tower Oral History Project, which was a two-year collaboration between the Minnesota Historical Society and Commonbound Communities, funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services in Washington, D.C. In 2004, fifteen young Somali women from St. Paul Public Schools joined together to create two films about what it is like to be Somali in Minnesota, Two Homes, One Dream: The Somalis in Minnesota and What's with the Hijab?. Both films explore a variety of topics about cultural identity and adjusting to life in America as Somali person. The filmmakers interviewed themselves, their peers, community activists, and elders in the Somali community to present a range of viewpoints. These interviews are among those conducted for the project.

LENGTH OF INTERVIEWS: 4 hours 15 minutes