Minnesota Immigrant Oral Histories

Oral history interview with Jong Bum Kwon


DATE: May 6, 1994


Jong Bum Kwon was a member of a generation of Korean immigrants who characterized themselves as a 1.5 generation, in between the first generation of immigrants and the following generation who were born in the United States. This term refers to those who arrived to the United States at a very early age and did not retain much of their language or culture. At the time of the interview Jong was a 23 year old anthropology student at Macalester College

In the interview Kwon discusses: feelings of isolation in Beloit Wisconsin; sensing as a young child his father's unhappiness as a factory worker; taking care of his younger sister; his need to rebel against his parents expectations; his need to understand his father to understand himself; his recent trip to Korea; how his relationship with his parents has changed.

LENGTH OF INTERVIEW: 1 hour 22 minutes

TRANSCRIPT: 23 pages