Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 9 No. 2 June 1928


Claim associations and pioneer democracy in early Minnesota.

Ritchey, Charles James.

Page/s: 85-95

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The Hill-Lewis archaeological survey.

Keyes, Charles R. (Charles Reuben), 1871-1951.

Page/s: 96-108

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Some gaps in the history of the Northwest.

Starr, Joseph R.

Page/s: 109-122

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State historical agencies and the public.

Blegen, Theodore Christian, 1891-1969.

Page/s: 123-134

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An English student of prairie farming.

Caird, James, Sir, 1816-1892.

Page/s: 135-143

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Reviews & Short Features: Vol. 09/ 2 (1928)

Page/s: 144-202

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