Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 9 No. 4 December 1928


The story of Beengwa, daughter of a Chippewa warrior.

Hart, Irving Harlow, 1877-1958.

Page/s: 319-330

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The Sweetman Irish colony, [Alice E. Smith].

Smith, Alice E. (Alice Elizabeth), 1896-

Page/s: 331-346

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The "Virginia", the "Clermont" of the upper Mississippi.

Petersen, William John, 1901-

Page/s: 347-362

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A frontier college of the middle West: Hamline University, 1859-69.

Asher, Hellen Drummond.

Page/s: 363-378

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An English visitor of the Civil War period.

Borrett, George Tuthill.

Page/s: 379-388

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Reviews & Short Features: Vol. 09/ 4 (1928)

Page/s: 389-427

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