Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 14 No. 1 March 1933


History in the machine age.

Krey, August C. (August Charles), 1887-1961.

Page/s: 3-29

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The Garrard family in Frontenac.

Densmore, Frances, 1867-1957.

Page/s: 31-43

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Pioneers of German Lutheranism in Minnesota.

Selke, Esther Abbetmeyer.

Page/s: 45-58

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The Minnesota Historical Society in 1932 / [Theodore C. Blegen].

Blegen, Theodore Christian, 1891-1969.

Page/s: 59-71

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The 1933 annual meeting of the Minnesota Historical Society / [Donald E. Van Koughnet].

Van Koughnet, Donald Edward.

Page/s: 73-80

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A Peter Pond map.

Nute, Grace Lee, 1895-

Page/s: 81-84

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The American Fur Company's post at the Great Oasis / [R.J. Forrest].

Forrest, Robert J.

Page/s: 84-86

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Minnesota stories in the "Fireside Henty Series"

Fawcett, Lois M. (Lois Margaret), 1897-1986.

Page/s: 86-87

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Reviews & Short Features: Vol. 14/ 1 (1933)

Page/s: 88-124

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