Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 14 No. 2 June 1933


Creation of the territory.; Day of the pioneer.; Early transportation.; Admission to the Union.; Heritage of Minnesota

Van Koughnet, Donald Edward. Creation of the territory. ; Blegen, Theodore Christian, 1891-1969. Day of the pioneer.; Larsen, Arthur J. (Arthur James), 1903- Early transportation.; Larson, Arthur J. (Arthur James), 1903- Admission to the Union..; Olson, F

Page/s: 127-171

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Minnesota statehood editorials.

Heilbron, Bertha L. (Bertha Lion), 1895-1972.

Page/s: 173-191

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Reviews & Short Features: Vol. 14/ 2 (1933)

Page/s: 192-240

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