Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 16 No. 3 September 1935


Hunting in Minnesota in the seventies / [Mary Wheelhouse Berthel].

Berthel, Mary Wheelhouse, 1894-1962.

Page/s: 259-271

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The tourist traffic of pioneer Minnesota.

Gates, Charles M.

Page/s: 272-281

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Pioneer roads centering at Duluth.

Primmer, George H. (George Henry), 1889-

Page/s: 282-299

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The state historical convention of 1935.

Page/s: 300-306

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A group of Minnesota lowland mounds.

Schmidt, Edward W. (Edward William), b. 1866.

Page/s: 307-312

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Home missionary records.

Ackermann, Gertrude W. (Gertrude Wilhelmine).

Page/s: 313-318

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Finnish folk songs in Minnesota / [Marjorie Edgar].

Edgar, Marjorie, 1889-1960.

Page/s: 319-321

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A "peace and friendship" medal / [M. Inez Hilger].

Hilger, M. Inez (Mary Inez), 1891-

Page/s: 321-323

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Fort Beauharnois or Beauharnais / [Grace Lee Nute].

Nute, Grace Lee, 1895-

Page/s: 323-324

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Reviews & Short Features: Vol. 16/ 3 (1935)

Page/s: 325-372

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