Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 19 No. 2 June 1938


Henry Martyn Nichols and the Northhampton Colony

Nichols, Charles Washburn, 1883-1944.

Page/s: 129-147

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T.L. Haecker, the father of dairying in Minnesota.

Edwards, Everett Eugene, 1900-

Page/s: 148-161

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The rise of baseball in Minnesota.

Monroe, Cecil O.

Page/s: 162-181

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Clearing for action on the upper Mississippi.

Decker, Wilbur F. (Wilbur Fisk), 1856-1941.

Page/s: 182-189

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Some early Galtier letters.

Galtier, Lucian, 1811-1866.

Page/s: 190-192

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Supplies for the Nicollet expedition of 1838 / [edited by B.L.H.].

Heilbron, Bertha L. (Bertha Lion), 1895-1972.

Page/s: 192-193

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The "John B. Alley", a pioneer locomotive.

Larson, Henrietta M. (Henrietta Melia).

Page/s: 193-196

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Reviews & Short Features: Vol. 19/ 2 (1938)

Page/s: 197-239

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