Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 24 No. 3 September 1943


How Stillwater came to be [by] Emma Glaser.

Glaser, Emma.

Page/s: 195-206

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Walter Reed in Minnesota [by] Bertha L. Heilbron.

Heilbron, Bertha L. (Bertha Lion), 1895-1972.

Page/s: 207-213

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The Carver County German Reading Society [by] Hildegard Binder Johnson.

Johnson, Hildegard Binder.

Page/s: 214-225

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Finnish proverbs in Minnesota [by] Marjorie Edgar.

Edgar, Marjorie, 1889-1960.

Page/s: 226-228

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Early geography textbooks [by] Esther Jerabek.

Jerabek, Esther, 1897-1979.

Page/s: 229-233

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Reviews & Short Features: Vol. 24/ 3 (1943)

Page/s: 234-274

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