Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 26 No. 1 March 1945


The Air Transport Command [by] Major Arthur J. Larsen.

Larsen, Arthur J. (Arthur James), 1903-

Page/s: 1-18

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Pioneering with the automobile in Minnesota [by] Dorothy V. Walters.

Walters, Dorothy V.

Page/s: 19-28

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The Minnesota Historical Society in 1944 / Lewis Beeson.

Beeson, Lewis, 1901-1975.

Page/s: 29-41

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The 1945 annual meeting of the Minnesota Historical Society / [B.L.H.].

Heilbron, Bertha L. (Bertha Lion), 1895-1972.

Page/s: 42-46

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An elementary school project at Mankato [by] Anna M. Nixon.

Nixon, Anna M.

Page/s: 47-51

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Minnesota sheet music [by] Philip D. Jordan.

Jordan, Philip D. (Philip Dillon), 1903-1980.

Page/s: 52-54

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Reviews & Short Features: Vol. 26/ 1 (1945)

Page/s: 55-96

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