Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 26 No. 3 September 1945


An Announcement to Readers of "Minnesota History"

Page/s: 185-186

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The soldier vote and Minnesota politics, 1862-65 [by] Lynwood G. Downs.

Downs, Lynwood G.

Page/s: 187-210

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An Indian tale, by William J. Snelling, edited by Lucille B. Emch.

Snelling, William Joseph, 1804-1848.

Page/s: 211-221

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David Dale Owen's Geological survey of Minnesota [by] Walter B. Hendrickson.

Hendrickson, Walter B. (Walter Brookfield), 1903-

Page/s: 222-233

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A high school survey at St. Cloud [by] Helene Alland.

Alland, Helene.

Page/s: 234-238

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Departmental co-operation in the St. Cloud survey [by] Gertrude Gove.

Gove, Gertrude B.

Page/s: 239-241

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Edward Eggleston's library at Traverse des Sioux, edited by William Randel.

Randel, William Pierce, 1909-

Page/s: 242-247

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Reviews of Books / Minnesota Historical Society Notes / News and Comment

Page/s: 248-291

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