Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 27 No. 3 September 1946


The beauty of the West," a Minnesota ballad [by] Bessie M. Stanchfield.

Stanchfield, Bessie M.

Page/s: 179-189

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The Mississippi River Logging Company [by] Bernhardt J. Kleven.

Kleven, Bernhardt J. (Bernhardt Jonas), b. 1897.

Page/s: 190-202

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The people of the Mesabi Range [by] John Sirjamaki.

Sirjamaki, John, 1911-

Page/s: 203-215

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Where did Nicolet go? [by] Clifford P. Wilson.

Wilson, Clifford P.

Page/s: 216-220

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The Mountain Lake community: a radio script [by] Roald Tweet.

Tweet, Roald D.

Page/s: 221-227

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Three historic buildings [by] Ruth B. Bordin.

Bordin, Ruth B.

Page/s: 228-232

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Reviews & Short Features: Vol. 27/ 3 (1946)

Page/s: 233-272

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