Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 27 No. 4 December 1946


Toward a new folklore [by] Philip D. Jordan.

Jordan, Philip D. (Philip Dillon), 1903-1980.

Page/s: 273-280

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Here and there in America: Adventures and observations of a Craven lad [by] Francis Wilkinson.

Wilkinson, Francis.

Page/s: 281-299

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Minnesota logging railroads [by] J.C. Ryan.

Ryan, J. C.

Page/s: 300-308

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Franklin Steele, frontier businessman [by] Rodney C. Loehr.

Loehr, Rodney C. (Rodney Clement), 1907-

Page/s: 309-318

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The study of family history in a Minnesota college [by] Sister Mary Virginia.

Mary Virginia, Sister.

Page/s: 319-326

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The writings of Albert Wolff [by] Lynwood G. Downs.

Downs, Lynwood G.

Page/s: 327-329

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Reviews & Short Features: Vol. 27/ 4 (1946)

Page/s: 330-368

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