Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 33 No. 1 Spring 1952


People and places in old St. Paul. Reminiscences of Alice Monfort Dunn; arranged for publication by her son, James Taylor Dunn.

Dunn, Alice Monfort.

Page/s: 1-6

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Steamboating on Mississippi headwaters.

Hart, Irving Harlow, 1877-1958.

Page/s: 7-19

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The J.O. Lewis port folio.

McDermott, John Francis, 1902-

Page/s: 20-21

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North country post office.

Richards, Eva Louise Alvey.

Page/s: 22-28

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Settlers' periodical; Eugene Smalley and the Northwest Magazine.

Duin, Edgar C.

Page/s: 29-34

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Reviews & Short Features: Vol. 33/ 1 (1952)

Page/s: 36-44

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