Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 40 No. 4 Winter 1966

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Papers on the North American fur trade.

North American Fur Trade Conference (1965 : Saint Paul, Minn.).

Page/s: 149-150

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The fur trade and its historians.

Morgan, Dale Lowell, 1914-1971.

Page/s: 151-156

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The North West Company, pedlars extraordinary.

Morton, W. L. (William Lewis), 1908-

Page/s: 157-165

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From competition to union.

Davies, Kenneth Gordon.

Page/s: 166-177

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Some American characteristics of the American Fur Company.

Lavender, David Sievert, 1910-

Page/s: 178-187

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Fur trade sites: Canada.

Herbert, J. D.

Page/s: 188-191

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Fur trade sites: the Plains and the Rockies.

Mattes, Merrill J.

Page/s: 192-197

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Symbol, utility, and aesthetics in the Indian fur trade.

Washburn, Wilcomb Edward, 925-

Page/s: 198-202

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Archaeology as a key to the Colonial fur trade.

Witthoft, John.

Page/s: 203-209

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The growth and economic significance of the American fur trade, 1790-1890.

Clayton, James L.

Page/s: 210-220

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