Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 42 No. 5 Spring 1971

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Revolt of the "timber beasts": IWW lumber strike in Minnesota [by] John E. Haynes.

Haynes, John Earl.

Page/s: 162-174

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The unaccountable fifth; solution of a Great Northern enigma [by] Heather Gilbert.

Gilbert, Heather Donald, 1922-

Page/s: 175-177

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Paternalistic president, Manfred W. Deputy of Bemidji State College [by] Arthur O. Lee.

Lee, Art, 1931-

Page/s: 178-185

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A remarkable Incident

Page/s: 186-186

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Editor's Page

Carley, Kenneth.

Page/s: 187-187

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MHS collections.

Kane, Lucile M.

Page/s: 188-191

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Reviews & Short Features: Vol. 42/ 5 (1971)

Page/s: 192-201

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