Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 45 No. 1 Spring 1976

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Minneapolis and the pragmatic socialism of Thomas Van Lear / David Paul Nord.

Nord, David Paul.

Page/s: 2-10

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A Finnish savusauna in Minnesota / Matti Kaups.

Kaups, Matti E.

Page/s: 11-20

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Oberlin College and the beginning of the Red Lake Mission / William E. Bigglestone.

Bigglestone, William E.

Page/s: 21-31

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Interpretive centers : an indigenous Minnesota idea that is thriving / Russell W. Fridley.

Fridley, Russell W.

Page/s: 32-34

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Reviews & Short Features: Vol. 45/ 1 (1976)

Page/s: 34-41

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