Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 45 No. 3 Fall 1976 Sioux Uprising Issue

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A portion of the American people : the Sioux sign a treaty in Washington in 1858 / Barbara T. Newcombe.

Newcombe, Barbara T.

Page/s: 82-96

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The time to speak is over : the onset of the Sioux uprising / Priscilla Ann Russo.

Russo, Priscilla Ann.

Page/s: 97-106

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A neglected cause of the Sioux uprising / Gerald S. Henig.

Henig, Gerald S.

Page/s: 107-110

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Henry Behnke : New Ulm's Paul Revere / Charlton Dietz.

Dietz, Charlton.

Page/s: 111-115

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A frontier fort in peacetime / G. Hubert Smith.

Smith, G. Hubert, 1908-

Page/s: 116-128

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