Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 65 No. 7 Fall 2017

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Curator's Choice: Mystery of the Clitherall 'Mount Vernon' Armchair

Reierson, Sondra

Page/s: inside-front

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Eyewitness: Spellbound

El-Hai, Jack

Page/s: 246-246

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Landmarks: Duluth Public Library, Duluth

Hession, Jane King

Page/s: 247-247

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Early Social Workers as Disaster Relief Workers: The Minnesota Fires of 1918 and the Work of the Red Cross

Haase, Camela

Page/s: 248-259

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Shapers of Modern America: The WW1 America Mural

Dietrich, Randal

Page/s: 260-263

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Slaveholder Investment in Territorial Minnesota

Lehman, Christopher P.

Page/s: 264-274

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Rare Territorial Maps Added to MNHS Collections

Lanegran, David A. and Coleman, Patrick

Page/s: 275-280

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Backspace - Book Review

O'Connell, Tom

Page/s: 281-281

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Backspace - Take Three and News & Notes

Page/s: 282-284

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Preserving > Sharing > Connecting - Fact Finders

Coleman, Laura Billings

Page/s: inside-back

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