Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 65 No. 8 Winter 2017

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Curator's Choice: Murder Weapon, 1952

Sondra Reierson and Anjanette Schussler

Page/s: inside-front

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Eyewitness: Hammers of Justice

James Eli Shiffer

Page/s: 286-286

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Landmarks: Windego Park Auditorium/Open Air Theater, Anoka

Frank Edgerton Martin

Page/s: 287-287

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Dinkytown Before Dylan: Gene Bluestein and the Minneapolis Folk Music Revival of the 1950s

Melinda Russell

Page/s: 288-301

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"It's Comradeship That Counts!": How "Our Little Minnesota Nurse" Helped Create the State's First National Cemetery

Johannes Allert

Page/s: 302-313

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The Trailer Park that Became a City: Hilltop and the Importance of Mobile Home Parks as Endangered Historic Places

Eduard Krakhmalnikov

Page/s: 314-324

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Book Review: Myths of the Rune Stone: Viking Martyrs and the Birthplace of America by Joe Blow

Review by Adam Hjorthen

Page/s: 325-325

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Take Three, News & Notes, Letters, Our Back Pages

Page/s: 326-328

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Preserving > Sharing > Connecting - Finding Minnesotans' Family Stories

Laura Billings Coleman

Page/s: inside-back

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