Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 66 No. 1 Spring 2018

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Editor's Note/Masthead: 'Written to be read'

Laura Weber

Page/s: 2-2

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Curator's Choice: Betty Wall Strohfus Flight Suit

Bethany Nelson

Page/s: 3-3

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Eyewitness: Waiting for Elvis

Linda James

Page/s: 4-4

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Landmarks: Rochester Armory, Olmsted County

Amy Jo Hahn

Page/s: 5-5

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From Cooperative Commonwealth to Yardstick Capitalism: Midland's Evolving Vision of Cooperation in Mid-Century Minnesota

Nick Stewart-Bloch

Page/s: 6-19

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Somalis in Minnesota

Page/s: 20-25

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The Power of History

D. Stephen Elliott

Page/s: 26-29

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"What Do You Do With Your Leisure Time?": Women's Athletic Cultures at St. Olaf College

Judy Kutulas

Page/s: 30-42

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Book Review: Miles Lord: The Maverick Judge Who Brought Corporate America to Justice by Roberta Walburn

Review by Joshua Preston

Page/s: 43-43

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Book Review: Scandinavians in the Statehouse by Klas Bergman

Review by Paul C. Stone

Page/s: 44-44

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Take Three, News & Notes, Letters, Updates, Our Back Pages

Page/s: 45-48

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Preserving > Sharing > Connecting - First Person, Plural: Oral History Collection

Laura Billings Coleman

Page/s: inside-back

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