Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 66 No. 4 Winter 2018

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Editor's Note/Masthead: Stories told by elders

Laura Weber

Page/s: 138-138

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Curator's Choice: Opera costume

Stephanie Olson

Page/s: 139-139

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EyeWitness: Plain Restaurant, plenty of history

Bonnie Wilson

Page/s: 140-140

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LandMarks: The Fergus Falls State Hospital

Anne Drolet

Page/s: 141-141

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This List Not Complete': Minnesota's Jewish Resistance to the Silver Legion of America, 1936-1940

Sarah Atwood

Page/s: 142-155

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Living With Writing': MNHS Acquires Maud Hart Lovelace and Delos Lovelace Papers

Lydia Lucas

Page/s: 156-163

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Protecting Minnesota's Natural Resources in Law: Pioneers of the 1970s

Stephanie Hemphill

Page/s: 164-176

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Book Review: Flames of Discontent: The 1916 Minnesota Iron Ore Strike by Gary Kaunonen

Pamela Brunfelt

Page/s: 177-177

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Take Three, News & Notes, Letters, Our Back Pages

Page/s: 178-180

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Preserving > Sharing > Connecting : Poring Over the Past

Laura Billings Coleman

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