Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 66 No. 5 Spring 2019

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Page/s: inside front-inside front

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Editor's Note/Masthead: Semicentennials

Laura Weber

Page/s: 182-182

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Curator's Choice: Louis L'Amour letter

Duane Swanson

Page/s: 183-183

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EyeWitness: A Cherubic Crook

Jack El-Hai

Page/s: 184-184

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LandMark: Lenora Methodist Church, Lenora (Fillmore County)

Amy Jo Hahn

Page/s: 185-185

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Out of Silence: FREE, Minnesota's First Gay Rights Organization

Bruce Johansen

Page/s: 186-201

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Homecroft City: The 'Duluth Idea' in the Progressive Movement

Eric Boime

Page/s: 202-223

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From the Archives: The Presidency or Nothing: Cushman K. Davis and the Campaign of 1896

Kent Kreuter and Gretchen Kreuter

Page/s: 214-223

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Book Review: Wild Mares: My Lesbian Back-to-the-Land Life, by Dianna Hunter

Review by Lizzie Ehrenhalt

Page/s: 224-224

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Book Review:The Great War Comes to Wisconsin: Sacrifice, Patriotism, and Free Speech in a Time of Crisis by Richard L. Pifer with Marjorie Hannon Pifer

Review by Greg Gaut

Page/s: 225-225

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Take Three, News & Notes, Letters, Our Back Pages

Page/s: 226-228

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